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We Fight for Good

What We Fight For

 “I am a fighter. It’s what I do. Now I want to fight the good fight for those who can't.” 

-  Dustin Poirier, Former UFC Interim Lightweight Champion

I have created a platform for fellow athletes and fans to join together, fight for underserved communities and answer the call of those in need.





A Great Pair:

Dustin Poirier & Robert Graham


“I partnered with Robert Graham, one of my wife’s and my favorite brands for color and personality, to raise awareness for The Good Fight Foundation, a charity I started to help local community and underserved populations.

I challenge my fellow fighters, the UFC community, friends, family and superfans alike to sport this t-shirt and headband and fight the good fight with me.

I’m proud to work with Robert Graham who is donating a portion of the proceeds from these two styles to The Good Fight Foundation.”


--Dustin Poirier, UFC Interim Lightweight


Together, we are bringing awareness of those in need to a global stage to fight

The Good Fight.

Fighting for the Murphy Family

PeytonMurphy benefit.jpg

 In March, 2017 Peyton was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma during his senior year of high school. After receiving treatment and surgery he was in remission and remained under the care of St. Jude’s Cancer Center. Unfortunately, in 2020 Peyton and his family received the devastating news his cancer returned with metastasis to his lungs. Sadly, this set-back has greatly impacted he and his family. He continues to require regular visits to St. Jude’s for chemotherapy and care. Mr. and Mrs. Murphy are doing their best to ensure Peyton’s medical needs and the care of their 3 children are met. However, the family has had tremendous difficulty in meeting the medical expenses and travel requirements.

Mr. and Mrs. Murphy are fighting hard for their family and we would like to bring the community together to make a difference in their lives. We have no doubt we can unite to help this special family in need.

We hope that you will be able to join us for a crawfish boil fundraiser benefitting Peyton and his family. Any support is greatly appreciated!


T-shirt pick up will be available 4/28-5/1 at

501 Sports Bar

808 South St.Blaise Ln.

Youngsville, LA 70592

shipping options are

also available

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