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 “I am a fighter. It’s what I do. I want to use my platform to fight for as many people as I can.” 

-  Dustin Poirier, UFC Interim Lightweight Champion

We fight to change the world by doing good. A place where athletes use their platforms for something bigger. The Good Fight Foundation is committed and true to helping those in need.

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As many of you know,

Louisiana was hit with a category 4 Hurricane and Lake Charles along with several surrounding cities have suffered tremendous damage. The amount of loss is devastating and we are doing our best to assist with food/water/clothing/travel accomodations/ etc. 

In addition, we are helping out families with infants in NICU and newborns that have been relocated to Women's & Children's Hospital in Lafayette as well as Lafayette General with care packages and Pack N Plays to help aid while traveling.

We appreciate everyone who has donated and lent a hand during this difficult time.

Assistance with Hurricane Laura

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